Bucharest to Brasov Romania


Umbrella alley in Bucharest Romania

For our first full day in Romania we took the train to Brasov Romania, the heart of Transylvania.

We started the morning off in Bucharest city centre, and walked rather leisurely across the city towards the main train station, Gara de Nord. We stopped to see everything that look interesting along the way, and had a delicious breakfast at a French cafe.


The “potato on a stick” a monument to those who died in the 1989 revolution.


Biserica Cretulescu, 1720’s Orthodox church


Breakfast at a French cafe.

Going by train from Bucharest’s Gara de Nord to Brasov is fairly easy! You can arrive right before your intended departure time and pretty much be guaranteed a ticket. We arrived an hour early for our train, and purchased tickets at the counter.


To buy tickets to Brasov used ticket counter 3,4,5


This is where you check your platform number, where your train will arrive


Inside the Gara de Nord, Bucharest train station. We bought snacks and beer from these booths to enjoy on the train ride to Brasov Romania.


Waiting for our train, and splitting a beer.


The train arrival/departure platfroms at Gara de Nord train station, Bucharest.

The train ticket from Bucharest to Brasov cost about 50 lei each which is approximately $13 Canadian at current exchange rate. The journey took 2 and a half hours. The seats were arranged in groups of four seats facing one another. We sat with an older couple, and ate our snacks. The trip went pretty quickly, but one critique is that there wasn’t much leg room in the seats. You had to interlock your knees with complete strangers….. alas, when in Rome…ANIA , get to know the locals really really well.

The train ride was beautiful, and we filmed a lot of the journey through forests and fields and mountains closer to the end of the trip.



Once we arrived in Brasov, we walked about 15 minutes to our hostel in the city centre (Jugendstube). Our hostel was located right off one of the main pedestrian streets in the old town, and the room was amazing for just 30 euros a night (including breakfast)!


Walking from the Brasov train station to the Old Town


The centre town square in the Old Town


The Black Cathedral in the Old Town Brasov


Drinking hot mulled wine in the City Centre, Brasov


Pizza on the patio, overlooking the Old Town Square, Brasov

On many street corners you can buy hot mulled wine from carts, and wander around with your warm beverage, whilst exploring the streets and lane ways.

We ate dinner outside in the Old town square, pizza and a Timisoreau beer.


Here is our video from Brasov:


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