Bucharest Romania Pt.1


Beautiful traditional church in Romania

Romania! This was the place we were most excited to visit for my husband’s first time in Europe!

We arrived at the Bucharest airport in the evening after having been awake for almost three days because of cancelled flights. So, needless to say, we were pretty excited to get to our hostel and sleep. We jumped on the 783 bus from Bucharest airport to the city centre. It was rush hour, so the trip took nearly two hours! The ticket is 8.6 lei return from the airport to the city centre, but we just bought the one way ticket because we would be leaving Romania by train. Make sure to have some smaller bills, because the driver struggled to make change for a few people (and I’m pretty sure we were short changed).


Biserica Curtii Domnesti Church in Old town Bucharest


Biserica Curtii Domnesti Church in Old town Bucharest

When we reached the end of the 783 bus route, we got off the bus and walked about 15 minutes to our hostel (Podstel). Thanks to the amazing app Maps.me we were able to find our hostel without internet or data!

Side note: Maps.me has seriously changed how I travel. You do not need data or wifi to use this app, and it functions just like GPS. You download maps of entire cities or regions while on wifi and you can use the maps offline!!

After we checked into the hostel, we decided to head to the old town portion of Bucharest to explore and find food.


Old town Bucharest bar and restaurant area


Jives in front of Stavropoleos Monastery

There is so much to see in the Old town portion of Bucharest. There seems to be a beautiful church, ancient monastery, or Roman ruins around every corner. We wished we had more time to explore Bucharest, but we headed to Brasov by train the following morning. Our advice is to stay in Bucharest for at least two nights!


Enjoying a long awaited beer in Old town Bucharest


Roman ruins unearthed near Biserica Curtii Domnesti Church



Here is a video we made about our time in Bucharest!

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