Trying Poutine in Quebec City (Night Time Vlog)

After a brief stop at our Airbnb, headed back into the old part of Quebec City to explore it at night. Along the walk back into the city we came across an old sketchy stairway (Lepine Stairs), that allowed us to get back into the old town centre much quicker!

Walking up Rue St Augustin we came across a pretty square where they were setting up another Christmas market. There was also the beginnings of what seemed to be an ice rink. It would be very picturesque to come skating here in the winter with the backdrop of the old city walls and the old city gate.

After this we headed deeper into the old city, stopping at the Morrin Centre (once an old jail) and the French History Museum. Due to Covid, both of these museums were closed, but I would recommend checking them out if you have the chance.

We then walked through yet another Christmas market being set up in a town square, this one had old paintings of Children with the faces removed so you could take some creepy photos in them…. Very odd.

We then made our way back down the breakneck stairs and into Lower Quebec City. Here we visited the Place Royal, the oldest town square in Quebec. The hour meant that we had the entire square to ourselves, so we sat and enjoyed the scenery and the still night.

After all our walking we were beginning to get a bit peckish, so we set off in search of a place to try poutine. Quebec is the home of poutine, a dish of fries covered in cheese curds and slathered in gravy. Apparently this artery clotting dish has been around since the 1950’s, and has become an iconic dish and must try food when in Quebec.

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