BEST day trip from Quebec City | Montmorency Falls Travel Vlog

On our last day in Quebec, we woke up super early in order to fit in one last site before our long drive back home. We packed up our stuff, ate the last of our breakfast foods and hopped in the car to drive to Montmorency falls. Montmorency falls is about a 15 minute drive from Quebec City and there is a bus you can take if you are travelling without a car, although if you are travelling in winter like us, the bus is running less, so you may need a car or cab. 

We arrived at the falls around 8am and parked in the lot at the top of the falls. In winter you do not need to pay to park, but in summer it is enforced. We hopped out of our car and walked the short distance to the first clearing. From here you can get your first glimpses of the beautiful tall falls. Montmorency falls is 83 metres high, making it taller than Niagara Falls! The cascade is beautiful, and surrounded by the fall leaves, the views were absolutely breathtaking!

We then walked along the pathway that takes you right to the falls. The walk is very brief, taking us about 10 minutes at most. When you reach the falls there is a small viewing platform to the right, where you can zipline in the summer months. This viewing platform affords you the best view of the falls, and a view straight down the base of the falls as well. When we were there, there were climate activists hanging a large banner over the falls on the suspension bridge.

After taking a lot of photos at the viewing platform, we made our way up to the suspension bridge. This bridge was the highlight of the visit for me, despite the biting wind and chilly November air! We spent quite a bit of time watching the top of the falls from the suspension bridge vantage point.

In total we spent about 45 minutes at the falls which was sufficient. We were unable to take the cable car down to the base of the falls because we visited in winter, so if you want to see the falls from the base as well, you might want to allow more time. 

Afterwards we walked back to our car to start the 11 hour drive back home.

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