Oldest Town Square in CANADA!! Quebec City

After our lovely picnic we walked down along the main 36 roadway, veering off at Rue du Cul-de-Sac and wandering between the old buildings here. At the corner of this Rue du Cul-de-Sac and Rue Notre-Dame, we happened to turn around and WOW the views of the Chateau Frontenac were the best we had had the entire trip. You absolutely need to visit this vantage point!

Beautiful vantage point for Chateau Frontenac

We then walked through the narrow alley that connects to Rue Sous-le-Fort. This little alley way reminded me so much of the roadways in Edinburgh Scotland. We then made our way to Place Royal, the oldest town Square in Quebec. This square was featured at the end of “Catch Me if You Can” when Ton Hanks finally captures Leonardo DiCaprio’s character (spoiler alert).

Place Royal Quebec City

After spending quite, a bit of time in Place Royal, practically all by ourselves, we walked up the stairway connecting to Cote de la Montagne.

Place Royal Quebec City

At this point Jives’ feet were hurting quite a bit, so we headed back in the direction of our Airbnb for him to make a wardrobe change. Along the walk back to our Airbnb we stopped at the former home of the cannonball tree. I talked a lot about the cannon ball tree in a different post, but I will briefly sum it up here: For hundreds of years there was a tree in old town Quebec City that had a cannonball in the roots of the tree. The tree and its cannonball became a huge attraction. As I was researching what to see in Quebec City, the thing I was most excited to see was this old cannonball! In JUNE of 2020, a mere five months before our visit, the cannonball and tree were REMOVED because the tree was old and rotting, and they were not sure if the cannonball was still dangerous or able to explode. The cannonball could have been there for hundreds of years, and they removed it JUST before my visit. I was gutted.  What great luck I have.

Old town walls and gate in Quebec City

We found the spot where the tree and cannonball once was, and there was a plaque on the spot. Apparently they are hoping to make a piece of installation art to commemorate the spot.

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