The Breakneck Stairs Lower Quebec City! 

Here is a video we made of the Break neck stairs and lower Quebec City!

After visiting the Old Citadel of Quebec City, we walked only a few metres and came upon another city gate and segment of city wall, called Saint John’s Gate. We climbed the wall again and had an incredible view of the city, and the sun beginning to set (at 3pm because winter in Canada is no joke). After spending quite a bit of time up on the wall, we descended and walked along St.Louis street and explored the more central part of upper old town. We purchased some sandwiches and beers at a store and packed them in our backpack for dinner later.

St. Johns Gate Quebec City

We then visited the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, or at least the exterior of it because Covid precautions had it closed to the public.

Quebec City’s Oldest Restaurant

Next, we walked back towards Chateau Frontenac and saw a series of booths being set up in preparation for the Christmas market in a few weeks time and visited the exterior of the Basilic Notre-Dame Quebec City.

Basilic Notre Dame Quebec City

We then walked towards the breakneck stairs, stopping for many a photo along the way. The breakneck stairway is a staircase (no way!) that takes you down the very sharp decline into lower Oldtown Quebec. You can alternatively take the funicular, which we did for the return trip.

Breakneck stairway Quebec City

At the very bottom of the stairway, you will find Petit Champlain Artisan Street, a street collectively owned by craft shop and artisan spot owners. The area has many restaurants, cafes and shops. When we visited, they had just set up a little Santa village and were installing the Christmas trees along the roadway.

Petit Champlain Artisan Street Quebec City

At a park at the very end of Petit Champlain, we stopped to have our picnic of sandwiches and beers bought at the grocery shop.

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Petit Champlain Artisan Street Quebec City

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