Walking On QUEBEC CITY’S Old Walls!

After visiting Artillery Park, we wandered just down the street to an old military Barracks. Right beside the military buildings there was a staircase that we climbed that took us up on to the old city walls of Quebec City. There was a couple sitting out on the wall having a picnic and watching the scenery. The contrast between the cold city walls, and the high-rise office buildings all around was interesting and a stark contrast.

Walking On QUEBEC CITY’S Old Walls!

We walked along the walls and crossed over the bridge that served as a gate into the old city. There are four gates remaining in Quebec City, and you can climb over each. There were musicians playing music just under the bridge and it was quite a wonderful setting. I would recommend bringing a beverage up here like a coffee and taking in the views and the passing car and pedestrian traffic.

Walking On QUEBEC CITY’S Old Walls!

We then walked down the road into the core of the old town, where we stopped into a coffee shop and ordered a coffee. I tried my best and ordered completely in French, but the server lady just answered me in English anyway. I tried.

Walking On QUEBEC CITY’S Old Walls!

We then walked further into the city, spotting a very authentic looking Irish pub and a very rustic looking souvenir shop (where we purchased Quebec flag crests for our backpacks).

coffee and an Irish Pub in Quebec City

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