Montreal to Quebec City (Quebec Brewery Tour)

Here is a video we made of our drive from Montreal to Quebec City, and the brewery tour

After climbing Mont Royal, and getting some good leg stretches in, we hoped in the car and made the three-hour trek to Quebec City. The changing fall leaves along the way were stunning!

Tired Jives at our Airbnb in Quebec City

We stopped along the way for gas at what I though was a gas station just off the highway. It turns out the gas station was miles away. We waited for construction along the way, before we could get past on the one lane roadway to the smallest town I have ever seen. The town had a gas station and a grocery shop, along with four or five houses. I pulled up to the gas pump and was so confused. I have never had to flip a switch on the pump before pumping gas, but thankfully Jives worked a few weeks at a gas station back in the day, and he came in for the save.

Airbnb in Quebec City

On the way back to the highway we had to cross over a single car suspension bridge. Traffic stopped and waited for cars to go in each direction. My car is very tiny (and Hyundai Accent), but I feel as if my car barely fit on the bridge.

Airbnb in Quebec City

We arrived at our Airbnb at 3:02pm, check in was at 3pm so we couldn’t have timed it better! We had no problem getting into the Airbnb and found the parking out back. I had been worried about the Airbnb check in directions, because they were 100% in French, and my French isn’t excellent if we are being honest…

La Barbarie brewery in Quebec City Quebec

We then walked to the grocery store to grab breakfast foods for the next day and a case of Quebec beers, 12 bottles for $17, that’s an insanely goof price for Canada. Canada is so expensive. After dropping our supplies off at our Airbnb, we walked into Old Town in search of beer.

La Barbarie brewery in Quebec City Quebec

We started off our self-made beer tour at La Barbarie, a cool old brewery. We sat in the “church” sections of the brewery, in pews with cool old tables that looked like the little booths the deacons sit at in old churches. I tried a maple stout and Jives had an APA. The waitress was delightful, and the music was amazing and eccentric.

La Barbarie brewery in Quebec City Quebec

We then walked to La Korringane, another brewery further west. The ceiling here is filled with bizarre sea creatures. Here I had another stout and Jives tried a Heifweisen and a Labrador IPA. We shared a veggie burger, salad and fries.

La Korringane brewery in Quebec City, Quebec

After our short brewery tour, we walked back to our Airbnb and tried a beer from our Quebec case we had purchased at the grocery store as we live streamed a video on our Youtube channel, playing Pictionary!

La Korringane brewery in Quebec City, Quebec

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