Climbing Mont Royal in Montreal Quebec

We woke up earlier than usual, at 7:00am and finished packing everything up in our Airbnb. We then took the metro to Peel Station to climb Mont Royal before we made the drive to Quebec City. Mont Royal is where Montreal gets it’s name from. Our metro passes were still good (good for 24 hours, not just one day like we had thought). We walked from Peel Station to the base of Mont Royal, looking at a lot of sculptures by the National Gallery along the way.

National Gallery of Montreal Quebec

The climb up Mont Royal was intense. First we walked up a very steep stairwell completely surrounded by the golden fall leaves, then we walked up a steep incline along the road before finally entering what looked like a park with an actual hiking pathway. The entire climb took about 20 minutes from the National Gallery to the top of the mountain. I am sure most people would have done the climb in less time. We took a very rocky route, there is also a wooden staircase route you can take (which we took on our climb down).

Climbing Mont Royal in Montreal Quebec

The view from the top was amazing, totally worth the hike! We walked back down the “proper” route with nice wooden steps, and hoped back on the metro at 10:30am, just as our passes were set to expire.

Climbing Mont Royal in Montreal Quebec

Back at our Airbnb we put all of our stuff in the car and checked out. We then walked to a local breakfast place. Jives ordered the famous Montreal bagels with smoked salmon and capers. I had a vegetarian eggs Benedict with mushrooms and spinach. Both meals came with potatoes and salad or fruit.

Trying the famous Montreal Bagels with smoked salmon and capers

We then hoped into the car and made the three hour drive to Quebec City!

Climbing Mont Royal in Montreal Quebec

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