China Town Montreal Quebec

Here is a video we made in Chinatown Montreal

No trip to Montreal is complete without a visit to Chinatown. I don’t know what it is, but I always have to visit Chinatown, no matter where I am (okay, maybe I didn’t visit one in Beijing)! Montreal was no exception! I had visited this particular Chinatown before quite a few years ago.

China Town Montreal Quebec

We took the metro from Square-Victoria (where we saw the Paris metro sign) and got off in Chinatown at the Place-d’Armes metro station. It is a very short walk from the metro to Chinatown, maybe 5 minutes.

China Town Montreal Quebec

We wandered up St Laurent Boulevard, looking for a place to have lunch. We hadn’t eaten in a restaurant since February 2020, when we had sushi at a restaurant in Hong Kong. It had been twenty two months since we had eaten anywhere but at home, so this felt like a BIG step for us. We chose a little dinner style looking Chinese restaurant and timidly went in. At the door we presented our Ontario vaccine QR code, and the lady scanned it and asked for ID. I felt a lot better that only vaccinated people were in this restaurant. We sat down at a little booth, and took in our surroundings, it felt so good to be traveling again!

China Town Montreal Quebec

We are obsessed with everything Asia, so being in a restaurant with all the specials and menus in Chinese felt so amazing, like finally going home after almost two years. I ordered Szechuan shrimp and Jives ordered Thai shrimps, both came with rice, hot and sour soup and a spring roll. We also shared a Tsingtao, arguably my favourite Asian beer (you can watch our Asian beer videos if you are interested in that).

China Town Montreal Quebec

After our delightful lunch, we wandered around more of the streets in Chinatown, don’t miss Sun Yat-sen Park, or the beautiful murals along Rene Levesque Boulevard. Usually I’m all about wandering through the shops, but I wasn’t feeling quite comfortable enough to do that yet, so we window shopped a bit.

China Town Montreal Quebec

We then jumped back on the metro to Mont Royal to try our hand at a Street Art tour I had made (which you can follow on your own here).

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