Montreal Street Art Tour! Self Guided Walking Tour

Here is a video we made about Street Art in Montreal Quebec
For the Full map>>> https://embed.alpacamaps.com/journey/11cb9b69-1265-11ed-9eda-02865da2f174/default

We started out on our street art tour by jumping on the metro and heading to Mont Royal Metro stop. We then walked to Saint-Dominique Rue. If you want to download the full tour map CLICK HERE

Stop #1 – A long collection of pieces on the exterior of what seems to be an abandoned building. There are quite a few pasted pieces if you get up close and personal!

Stop #2 – I am not sure of the relevance of the lady with the lute… but it looks cool. It is on the outside of a shop called “Azores” which I believe is a bakery?

Stop #3 – On the outside of Dispatch (Coffee) you will find the mysterious Kraken mural. It’s very much a comic book style, with lots of details, so get up close!

Stop #4 – Baseball mural on the outside of Coco Rico. In this mural you will see Jackie Robinson, who spent one year on the Montreal Expos and lived in Montreal.

Stop #5 – Just opposite Jackie Robinson, you will see this beautiful floral mural. Jackie gets to look at it all day!

Stop #6 – This creepy Mickey mural…? There is a lot going on here, Mario is on fire, Batman is secretly Barbie, and Mickey Mouse is a little fragile…. a lot to see again, so get up close!

Stop #7 – This stop has quite a lot to see. Wander down the alley ways in three directions and you will find lots of different murals and tags. My favourite part was the Great Mouse Detective guys.

Stop #8 – On the corner of “Pins” St. You will find an adorable little old lady. I love the colours of this mural, very muted and pastel. She seems to be feeding pigeons, or just hanging out with pigeons?

Stop #9 – This stop is for the alley way beside Dirty Dogs coffee shop. There is a huge mural on the wall of Dirty Dogs, painted by an artist named Buff Monster. Anthropomorphic ice cream monsters are dancing and melting in a very acid-trip type way. Also, in the alley way you will find pink hippos chilling, don’t worry, other people can see them too, you aren’t going insane….

Stop #10 – This next top actually has quite a few pieces to check out. Firstly, lets focus on the rooster.

Stop #11 – In the same parking lot as the rooster, you will find a very creepy smiling Mona Lisa, and a few other hidden gems I will leave up tp you to find!

Stop #12 – In the same lot you will find a crying lady, done very much in the style of Lichtenstein.

Stop #13 – is another parking lot area, just across the street from the rooster lot you will find my favourite piece. There is a little alleyway just off the parking lot FILLED with 1000 faces!

Stop #14 – In the same lot as the face alley, you will find another Lichtenstein esque mural, “Sorry is Not Enough”.

Stop #15 – Still, in the very same lot ( a gold mine for street art) you will find what looks to be a creepy jester, as well as quite a few other gems.

Stop #16 – A little walk down Saint- Laurent you will find a building covered in Mary Poppins imagery!

You can end you trip off taking the metro at Saint- Laurent station if you wish. This tour pretty much takes you from Mont-Royal Metro to Saint-Laurent. Have I missed any spots? The murals are constantly changing and being added to, as there is a big festival once or twice a year! Enjoy!

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