Conwy Wales: Self Guided Walking Tour

Self Guided Walking Tour Map, Conwy Wales

Here is the link to the Self Guided Walking Tour Of Conwy Wales I created: https://embed.alpacamaps.com/journey/a982bfe2-cc44-11e9-96fe-067ec0c7e8f4/default

We loved Conwy, Wales. It’s an amazing and compact city in Northern Wales, close to the British border. You can honestly just wander the city and get lost amoung the fisherman’s cottages OR you can follow this handy self guided walking tour we’ve created. You are going to love this city!!!!!!

City Walls Conwy Wales and the Harbour

1- City Walls Entrance

Firstly, we recommend that you start at the north/eastern most point of the city walls, where the wall meets the harbour front. From here you can climb up the wall and complete the circuit of this beautifully preserved medieval city fortification, dating back to 1283.

City Walls Conwy Wales and where they meet the harbour

2- City Walls For View of the Harbour

From this portion of the wall you get a nice view of the Harbour and the River Conwy. Many sailboats are moored here.

City Walls Conwy Wales and a view of the Fisherman’s Cottages

3- City Walls Amazing View

As you walk further along the city walls, you can see a beautiful view across the city, and you can peer down upon the fisherman’s cottages, inside the walled city. We were able to rent one of these cottages, and it was an amazing experience. Along this section of the wall you will come upon the watchtower, which marks one of the corners of the city walls.

City Walls Conwy Wales and ruins of an old fortification

4- Ruins of Wall Fortification

Part of the wall passes through this old building or fortification. You can climb down through the moss covered ruins as you traverse the walls. We hiked this section in the rain and it became very slick, so be careful.

City Walls Conwy Wales

5- City Walls for the View of the Countryside

Along the last stretch of the city walls, you are met with incredible views of the Northern Walsh countryside. There are many hiking trails that will take you up into the mountains and into the surrounding fields.

City Walls Conwy Wales

6- City Walls

This section of the city wall will bring you back towards the harbour and Conwy castle. The train tracks run through this section, and the train coming from Llandudno station even passes through the wall.

City Walls Castle View

7- City Walls Castle View

You can get some amazing shots of Conwy Castle along this section of the city walls. This is where you should get off the wall in order to reach the carpark/ ticket office for Conwy Castle.

City Walls Exit for Conwy Castle

8- City Walls Exit

As you approach the end of the walls, there is a wooden staircase that will bring you down right in front of Conwy Castle so you can get some close up photography without a carpark in the way of the castle.

The Entrance to Conwy Castle, Wales

9- Entrance to Conwy Castle

There is a building and gift shop where you can purchase your tickets for Conwy Castle. It is £9.90 for an adult, with some discount prices for families and children. You then exit the gift shop out the back, and cross a bridge towards the castle.

Conwy Castle, Wales

10- Conwy Castle

This beautiful Castle was relatively tourist free when we visited. You can explore anywhere you please. One of the towers (housing the chapel) has been refurbished to show what it would have been like with finished windows and roof. The Castle was built in 1283.

Conwy Suspension Bridge

11- Conwy Suspension Bridge

This suspension bridge spans the Conwy River and leads to the Castle. It was built in 1826 to replace the need for a ferry. There is also a car bridge and a train bridge on either side. The train coming from Llandudno passes through the castle and city walls.

The Harbour in Conwy Wales

12- A Pint with a Harbour View

There are many places along the waterfront to stop for a break after the walking tour. Enjoy a pint and watch the oyster catchers (birds) catch their dinners.

The Smallest House in Great Britain, Conwy Wakes

13- Smallest House in Great Britain

This house is recognized in the record books as the smallest house in Great Britain. I would venture that it is one of the smallest in the world. It was occupied until 1900 by a 6 foot tall man. You can pay a few pounds to enter the house when it is open.

The legendary Conwy Wales Pom Pom Tree

14- Pom Pom Tree

OOOOH the pom pom tree! On the main shopping street in Conwy, you might catch a glimpse of this beauty in bloom. The seeds from this tree supply the craft shops with wool for cozies and mittens.

St.Mary’s Church in Conwy Wales

15- St. Mary’s

The oldest building in Conwy proper (unless you count the walls). We had the opportunity to enter this church during an art performance! We have some video footage of that, that I will post at a later date on our YouTube Channel: Bumbling Tourist


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