Chester to Conwy WALES (by train)!!!

The canals in Chester UK

It was sad to leave the beautiful city of Chester, although we were not sad to leave our accommodation (which we explain in this post).

We decided that we would splash out a little bit of extra money and take the train all the way into Conwy, Wales.

Train station in Chester

We booked our tickets ahead of time online through a website called trainline. They made me download the app to access my ticket. However, boarding the train was super easy, we just scanned the QR code from the app and the ticket gate let us through (we got some help from the nice station attendant). The ticket cost us about £ 21 each and the journey time was roughly an hour.

Conwy Wales Train station

Once on the train, we noticed that there was a sign that said, “stopping in Conwy by request“. So when the ticket man came around, we asked if the train could stop in Conwy for us. It seems that most people disembarked at Llandudno Junction, which is the stop before Conwy. You can disembark here, but if your accommodation is in Conwy proper, then it is about a 30 minute walk to Conwy from the Llandudno station.

The bridge that the train crosses over River Conwy

After Llandudno Junction, the train crosses the River Conwy, and passes through a really cool looking tunnel that is attached to Conwy Castle. The train then travels under a section of old city wall before making it’s stop in Conwy. This was such a cool portion of the trip, and i would have been a shame to have missed this portion by disembarking in Llandudno Junction.

The City Walls in Conwy Wales

From the train station, it was a quick 10 minute walk to our airbnb accommodation. We booked an adorable fisherman’s cottage in the walled portion of the town. (if you book through our link and it’s your first airbnb, you get like $40 off your stay!!!! https://www.airbnb.ca/c/hollyg2569 )

Fisherman’s Cottages in Conwy Wales

Although, I believe the cottage we stayed in is now sold and unavailable, there are still quite a few adorable cottages on airbnb to book!!

In this video we show a bit of the accommodation:

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