CHESTER, England| Self Guided Walking Tour (Cheshire)

Here is the link to the self guided walking tour I’ve created in Chester, England.


Eastgate and the Eastgate Clock

STOP 1- East Gate and East Gate Clock

We start our tour at the Eastgate and Eastgate Clock, where you can climb the stairs on the northeast side to walk along the wall in a clockwise direction. The Eastgate clock was added to the bridge (1899) in honour of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee (1897). It is said that Chester’s clock is the second most photographer clock in the UK, after Big Ben of course.

The Bridge at Pepper Street, Chester UK.

STOP 2- Newgate and Pepper St. Bridge (Exit wall for Roman Amphitheater)

From Eastgate, you can walk along the city walls to the Pepper Street bridge (Newgate). This bridge offers great views of the Roman Amphitheatre to the east. From here you can take the stairs back down to street level, in order to visit the next three stops.

The Roman Amphitheatre in Chester, England
Chester’s Roman Amphitheatre

STOP 3- Chester Roman Amphitheatre

This Roman Amphitheatre was built in the 1st century and is currently the largest amphitheatre that has been discovered in the UK. Only a portion of the amphitheatre is uncovered, because the majority of the structure is buried beneath other cultural sites.

The ruins of St. John Baptiste Cathedral in Chester, England

STOP 4- Ruins of St. John

The present day ruins reside to the east of the current St.John Baptiste Cathedral. The ruins visible today are the remains of the Norman choir and medieval chapels. If you stand inside the ruins and look to the west you will see an ancient coffin, high up in the stone walls.

The Roman Gardens Chester England

STOP 5- Roman Gardens

The Roman Gardens are actually a comprised collection of Roman artifacts that have been unearthed from all over Chester. The collection includes columns and remains of a Roman bath.

View from the Chester city walls, adjacent to the Roman Gardens

STOP 6- City Walls

You can hop back on the city wall from the Pepper Street entrance, and continue the clockwise route around the city walls, towards the fish ladder.

View of the Fish Ladder (left) from the City walls in Chester

STOP 7- City Walls and Fish Ladder

From this portion of the city walls you can see the river, and the fish ladder that has been built along this section of river.

Chester Castle

STOP 8- Chester Castle

Chester castle is a medieval castle, built in 1070. A portion of the castle was rebuilt in 1788-1813 in a neoclassical style. Entry into the castle is free, but if you want to climb the tower for city views, it is 2 pounds.

The Water Gate

Stop 9- The Watergate

A beautiful section of the city walls. The “corner” of this section is topped by a very intact tower.

Chester City Walls

Stop 10- City Walls

Stroll along more of the city walls

Falconry along the wall in Chester UK

Stop 11- City Walls

This section had a falconry, and we were able to catch a few glimpses of the birds.

City Walls along the Canals in Chester UK

Stop 12- City Walls (Canal View)

Along this section of the wall, we spied a series of flight locks in the canal. You can get down off the wall and see the locks in action.

King Charles Tower, Chester UK

Stop 13- King Charles Tower

It is rumoured that King Charles 1 stood in this tower and watched his troops as they were defeated at the Battle of Rowton Heath.

Stop 14- City Walls Cathedral Exit

From Here you can exit the city walls in order to visit Chester Cathedral and the Addleshaw Tower.

Chester Cathedral

Stop 15- Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral is a former Benedictine Monastery, and it is still the seat of the Bishop of Chester. The church has been modified many times, but much of it’s current form originates in 1093. This site has been used since Roman times as a place of Christian worship. In the 1960-1970’s, the bells from the Cathedral were removed and recast before being placed in the Addleshaw Tower near by.

The Addleshaw Tower

Stop 16- The Addleshaw Tower

In the 1960-1970’s, the bells from the Cathedral were removed and recast before being placed in the Addleshaw Tower near by.

Eastgate and Eastgate Clock, Chester UK

Stop 17- The Eastgate (Back to the beginning)

You have reached the Eastgate, and back where the tour began!

Here is a video we made of our tour of Chester

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