Conwy, Wales| Gwledd Conwy Feast

Here is a video we made about the festivities at the 2018 Gwledd Conwy Feast, the video really does give you a better feel for the event then this post does.

The highlight for use was the hot mulled wine and hot Welsh rum!

Watch what we get up to at the Gwledd Conwy Feast!!

Gwledd Conwy Feast is a yearly festival held in Conwy, Northern Wales. The festival celebrates the harvest and eating all the bounties of the land. The event includes food trucks, craft sales, local trades people, entertainment and general merriment.

Trying hot mulled wine at Gwledd Conwy Feast

We were incredibly lucky to have our stay in Conwy, Wales coincided with this event (there was also a beer festival going on). We tried soooo much food, and I had mar-mite for the first time (DELICIOUS!!!)

Beer festival at the Gwledd Conwy Feast

A weekend pass for the event will cost you between £2.00 – £12.50 depending on if you would like a day or entire weekend pass (there are discounts for children and entire families as well). You are able to take part in quite a few of the events without a pass, but to enter most tents, you will need to purchase a pass.

Enjoying some street food at Gwledd Conwy Feast

For more information, you can visit the official event site: https://conwyfeast.co.uk/

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