Dublin Ireland: This time for real!

Video from our first day in Ireland
Dublin Castle in Dublin Ireland

About a year ago we tried to visit Dublin Ireland on a quick trip from Toronto, but that plan was foiled by WOW airlines (aka the worst airline). If you haven’t already read about our first attempt to see Dublin Ireland, I will link the short video below, or you can read it by clicking here.

Here is an incredibly brief video from our time in Dublin the FIRST time

Our second time in Ireland was much more successful and we finally got to try that quintessential pint of Guinness.

We arrived at Dublin airport super early in the morning, and by the time we had taken the 10 euro bus in to Dublin, it was 8 am and certainly time for some breakfast!

We started our day off at Ha’Penny Bridge

Jives had the full Irish breakfast: eggs, hash browns, tomato, sausage, blood sausage, toast, baked beans etc etc. I went for the baked potato breakfast, eggs and a delightfully hearty baked potato with toast and coffee! From here, we slowly meandered through the heart of Temple St. in the direction of our hostel (near Christ Church Cathedral).

Temple bar on Temple street in Dublin Ireland

We checked in to our hostel, and set out on a bit of a walking tour of Dublin. First off we visited Christ Church Cathedral (which was under construction, but still incredibly beautiful).

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin Ireland
Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin Ireland and Dublina Viking Museum
Old city walls at Audoen’s Park in Dublin Ireland

Next we visited a portion of the old city walls at Saint Audoen’s Park. Right around the corner from the city walls, we found our favourite place in Dublin, “The Beer Market”. This place had a cycling variety of local beers. You could sit outside on a wooden stool and watch the city go by.

Beers at The Beer Market in Dublin Ireland

From here we walked to St.Patrick’s Cathedral and St.Patrick’s Park. It took about ten minutes to walk from Christ Church Cathedral.

St.Patrick’s Cathedral and St.Patrick’s Park in Dublin Ireland
St.Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin Ireland

After watching the birds in St.Patrick’s park, we walked towards Dublin Castle and took a look at the gardens directly behind (south) of the castle.

The colourful back walls of Dublin Castle
The gardens behind Dublin Castle
Holly and the giant holly plant at Dublin Castle

We then explored an area of pubs and restaurants just east of Dublin Castle, and found a pub to have some dinner and a pint of Guinness at last!

Pint of Guinness in Dublin Ireland
Dame Tavern in Dublin Ireland
Pub street in Dublin Ireland

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