Dublin Ireland: On foot

Our second day in Dublin we started off the day at an amazing cafe near our hostel, Metro Cafe. It was just above freezing, so we were able to sit outside and enjoy a hearty breakfast and delicious coffee.

Metro Cafe in Dublin Ireland

There was a really amazing mural opposite the cafe. The mural was Halloween themed, which was appropriate because we were visiting Dublin in the week leading up to Halloween.

Halloween mural in Dublin Ireland

We then headed to Christ Church Cathedral. We had seen people up on the roof of the Cathedral the day before, so we wanted to try and get up there. It turns out that you can not visit the roof, but you can visit the catacombs underneath the Cathedral. The entrance fee was 7 Euro, but you can get a combination ticket to see Dublina as well (we missed out on Dublina, but in hindsight, it was the better option).

Entrance to the catacombs of Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral

After seeing Christ Church Cathedral we walked back to Dublin Castle to go on the guided tour. The only way in which you can see the interior of Dublin Castle is by going on a guided tour. We are not huge fans of tours, but we wanted to see the viking ruins under the castle, so we reluctantly paid the 8.50 euro fee.

Viking ruins underneath Dublin Castle
The Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle
The throne used for British Royal visits before Irish Independence

The Viking ruins were a bit lack luster, but we enjoyed seeing the Chapel Royal (which is oddly enough not a religious chapel, it was made secular in order to divide the church and the state). The tour was alright, but I think we enjoyed the end where we were allowed to look through the galleries and government spaces on our own.

Art exhibit about the “classical” bust at Dublin Castle
Art exhibit about the “classical” bust at Dublin Castle

After this, we walked to Jameson Distillery and saw some incredibly street art along the way. We also saw the Dublin Spire.

Dublin street art
Dublin street art
The Dublin Spire

You can sign up before hand on Jameson Distillery’s website for a tour, tasting or cocktail making class. Be aware that the spots do seem to fill up, and the cheapest tour is about 19 euro.

Jameson Distillery

We then found a cute little pub (which happened to be across the street from the oldest pub in Dublin) and had a pint of Guinness along with some Irish stew and Clam Chowder.

Irish Stew in Dublin Ireland
Pint of Irish beer in Dublin Ireland

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