SIGHISOARA: Transylvania, Romania


View from the clock tower in Sighisoara Romania

Our first full day in Sighisoara was spent wandering the old walled city. We started the day off with a delicious breakfast at our hotel.


Trying some delicious breakfast in Sighisoara

Our hotel was on the main square in the old town, everything we wanted to see in Sighisoara was within easy walking distance ( about ten minutes maximum).

After breakfast we walked towards the covered stairwell, and climbed up to the top of the old town where the cemetery is located. The covered bridge was built so that school children could climb the stairs to get to school, even in the middle of winter.


Main town square in the old town portion of Sighisoara


covered stairway in Sighisoara


covered stairway in Sighisoara

We wandered through the cemetery and looked out over the city from the top of the old town. The views from the cemetery are some of the best you will get in Sighisoara!


Wandering in the Cemetery in Sighisoara Transylvania


Cemetery in Sighisoara Romania


View from the cemetery in Sighisoara

From here, we set off to explore the town walls and guild towers. In many medieval towns, towers were defended by various guilds, ie. the tailors tower. In Sighisoara almost all of the guild towers are still standing, and in excellent condition. We visited the Tailor’s tower, which as a Tailor myself, I am honour bound to protect.


The Tailor’s Tower (the best tower) which I am bound to by my trade/ guild.

Many of the old homes and shops in Sighisoara are painted vibrant colours, I wonder if the shops were historically this colourful and vibrant.


Colourful buildings in Sighisoara

We then decided to visit the icon Clock tower, which is the centre landmark in Sighisoara. The clock tower, aside from telling the time, also shows which day of the week it is, (there is a figurine for each day of the week).


The iconic clock tower in Sighisoara


Figures, one for each day of the week on the Sighisoara clock tower


View from the Sighisoara clock tower


View from the Sighisoara clock tower


View from the Sighisoara clock tower


View from the Sighisoara clock tower


Clock tower in Sighisoara


Old city walls in Sighisoara


Exploring the small streets in Sighisoara


Sighisoara Romania


Sighisoara Romania

In the evening we had an amazing meal at a restaurant in town, complete with plenty of cheap and delicious Romania red wine!!


Warm meal and delicious wine


More wine in Sighisoara Romania


Bar under the walls of the old town in Sighisoara


Here are three videos we made in Sighisoara:


  1. Tessa Wozniak

    I will be in Sighisoara in October and I was wondering is there a charge to enter the medieval citadel, tailors tower, the clock tower, or history museum? I am having a very difficult time finding any info online.

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