Brasov to Sighisoara Transylvania: By Train


I’ve lost my mind on the way to Sighisoara


The train ride from Brasov to Sighisoara starting off as an interesting adventure. We tried to purchase train tickets the day before at the station in Brasov. The lady at the information desk at the rail station refused to speak to me, or make eye contact, so I was unable to even try and purchase tickets. This made me quite anxious about trying to purchase tickets the next day.  However, the next day we queued up at one of the ticket booths thirty minutes before the train departure time and had little issue buying tickets, aside from fending off some line jumpers. I believe the ticket was around 25 lei.



The train ride from Brasov to Sighisoara


We purchased beers and snacks from the shop out front of the station, and brought them on the train to enjoy part way through.

Waiting for the train on our platform, we suddenly noticed people started running towards two train cars. We were unaware that the train to Sighisoara was just two cars long, and that there were twice as many people as seats.

For the first ten minutes of the train ride, we both stood in a two foot wide hallway, with people constantly pushing by. We also had our backpacks on, so the space we had to stand in was a very tight fit. After ten minutes, a compartment of travellers cleared their bags off one of their seats and allowed me to sit, but Jives was left standing in the hallway for a good portion of the three hour train journey to Sighisoara.

After a few hours, we had an entire train compartment to ourselves and we enjoyed our beers and snacks.



Dinner in the exact spot Vlad the Impaler was born.

We arrived in Sighisoara after 5pm, it was dark already. We walked to our hotel in the old town and checked in.

Starving by this time, we looked for a restaurant that was still open, there wasn’t much to be found. We ended up eating at a place that claims to be the birth place of Vlad the Impaler ( Vlad was born in Sighisoara so this is possible). The food was very delicious, and I tried polenta for the first time!


The Old clock tower in Sighisoara


After dinner, we wandered around the dark and relatively abandoned old town. The mood was spooky and magical.



Night time streets in Sighisoara


Spooky vibes in Sighisoara


Spooky teeth whitening commercial in Sighisoara


Old town fortifications in Sighisoara


Town square in Sighisoara Transylvania


Here is a video we made in SIghisoara that day/night.



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