Brasov, Romania: So much to See!


Overlooking Brasov from the Black Tower

Before we arrived in Brasov, we knew very little about what to see and do. Besides seeing the Black and White towers and ogling the Brasov Hollywood sign, there is sooooo much to see and do in Brasov Romania!



Hugging the White Tower


Much like other Medieval fortified cities, Brasov is surrounded by walls, towers and bastillions. Each tower and bastillion is maintained by a skilled trades guild. For example, the Black Tower would be defended by the blacksmiths of Brasov. Such a neat bit of history! If our cities and town did this today, we would have the “grocery clerk’s tower” the “accountant’s bastillion” the “barista’s tower” etc. etc.


Exploring the old city walls in Brasov


Whilst visiting the Black and White Towers, we came across a map with other sites to visit in Brasov. We then decided that we would stay in Brasov for a second partial day, just to see everything we could!



Old walls in the Old town or Brasov


You can enter the Weaver’s Bastillion, as well as the Draper’s Bastillion which are now both museums. I am uncertain if you can visit the interior of the other towers, since they were closed when we visited in November. These towers might be open during the busier touristy months.



Entrance/exit gate to the Weaver’s Batillion


Even if you cannot enter all the towers, hiking along the exterior of the old city walls was a highlight for us. We were even able to climb up on top of the wall at the Hunter’s tower along the south side of the city walls.



The Weaver’s Bastillion in Brasov



One of the many towers along the old city walls in Brasov


Climbing up the old city walls in Brasov


Draper’s Bastillion in Brasov


Skinny street or Rope Street in Brasov


Skinny street in right in the heart of the old town city centre. The alleyway is also called Rope Street or Strada Sforii in Romanian. There is a tale about Vlad Tepes getting all kiss-ey in this very alleyway.



The Council House and Old Town Square Brasov


Sitting in the Old Town Square and drinking hot mulled wine from that cart pictured above was our favourite thing to do in Brasov.



Brasov Citadel


You can hike up to Brasov Citadel, but it is a very steep incline! We puffed our way to the top, and realized that the Citadel is now closed to the public. The views from the top, however, are stunning!

The citadel has been many things,  a night club, a fancy dining restaurant etc.


Brasov Citadel


Brasov Citadel and some Bumbly Tourists


In summary, spend more than one day in Brasov, there is so much to see and do. As well, there are many day trip options near by and you can use Brasov as your home point. We absolutely loved this city!

Here is a video we made in Brasov Romania:

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