Sighisoara to Bucharest

Our last full day in Romania was spent travelling back to Bucharest in order to catch a train to Sofia Bulgaria the following day.


Tourists and the Clock tower in Sighisoara

The journey from Sighisoara to Bucharest is incredibly straight forward. We woke up at 5am and walked from our hotel in the old town of Sighisoara to the train station (took about 30 minutes). All the lights were off in the train station, but one booth was open and selling tickets. We purchased a ticket that would take us all the way to Bucharest , with one transfer. I believe the trip cost about 54 Romanian Leu.


We loved Sighisoara, it was sad to leave

The train ride took about six hours to arrive in Bucharest, and we arrived in the middle of the afternoon. From the Gara de Nord train station, we walked to our hostel in central Bucharest which took about an hour.


Church in central Bucharest


Interesting meeting of two architectural types in Bucharest Romania


Street art in Bucharest


Beautiful sculpture in Bucharest Romania


Incredible old monastery in Old Town Bucharest Romania


The outdoor seating area at our hostel in Bucharest Romania

We wandered around the old town portion of Bucharest and visited an incredible old monastery in the city centre. The inside of the chapel of the monastery was completely covered in mosaic and gold. Photography was not allowed, but the site was so vibrant that it will remain in my memory for a long time!

We stopped off at a grocery store on the way back to the hostel to purchase supplies for the day long train journey to Sofia Bulgaria the following morning.

So long, Romania! We absolutely adored you. ❤


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