Sofia Bulgaria: Self Guided Walking Tour


A leering king overlooks Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

Here is the route we took:

We had one short evening to explore Sofia Bulgaria, but tried to make the most of our visit.

We stayed at a very Central Hostel, Canape Connection (would totally recommend). The friendly man at the hostel gave us so much information about where to eat and walk, so we set off on our quick adventure!


Dinner on Vitosha Blvd.

Firstly we walked to Vitosha Blvd., a pedestrian street in the centre of the city with many restaurants and coffee shops.

Next we walked down Vitosha to St Nedelya Church.


St Nedelya Church Sofia


Next we stumbled upon The Church of St. George. This half ruin/ half church is in the court yard of the Sheraton Hotel. The ruins in front of the church looked like a Roman Bath, although I am unsure where I read that this was the case, so perhaps they are not. There was a church service going on inside the ruined church, so we viewed it from afar, but could hear singing and worship coming from the inside.


St. George Church in Sofia


St. George Church in Sofia

From here, we waked to the main square where Alexander Nevsky Cathedral resides. This landmark is probably the most iconic site in Sofia.


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

From Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, we wandered over to the Russian Church. The beautiful gold domes of the Russian Church as certainly worth the visit.


The Russian Church in Sofia


The Beautiful golden domes of the Russian Church in Sofia.


There is so much more we would have loved to see in Sofia. One evening was not enough to see Sofia. Before heading to Bulgaria, we had read that Sofia was a boring visit and that there was very little to do here. We certainly disagree with this sentiment. If you get the chance to visit Sofia, set aside at least a day to visit!


Here is a video we made in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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