Chasing Waterfalls: Rockway

DSC_0232This summer we decided to explore our own backyard, the beautiful Niagara region. Having seen so much of the world, it was a nice change of pace to sit back and enjoy the nature that surrounds us at home (much less time spent in an airplane this way!).

Rockway certainly takes the cake for our favourite waterfalls in Niagara. The falls is pretty easy to get to, and relatively free of other visitors. We always visit on a Tuesday because it happens to be the only day we both have off each week, and our Tuesday visit routine might have something to do with how we always manage to have the place to ourselves!DSC_0228

Every time we have visited this falls, the water has been mighty. I cannot imagine these falls going dry!!

You can get to Rockway from the QEW by exiting at Jordan Rd. (RR.26) continue on Jordan Rd. south until you reach RR 81 (King Street) turn left at King St. and take the first right on to Seventeenth St. Continue until Eighth Ave (RR.669) which also turns into Pelham Rd. Rockway is on this road, and you will find parking at the community centre on the left hand side.



The plunge at the bottom of the falls is over three metres!! You can certainly swim, but be careful of the power of the falls and rouge rocks.

We love to pack a picnic and enjoy it on the sunny rocks at the base of the falls.

Here are two videos we made at Rockway falls. The upper and lower falls are so amazing that they warranted two videos.

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