Chasing Waterfalls: Beamer Falls

This summer we decided to explore our own backyard, the beautiful Niagara region. Having seen so much of the world, it was a nice change of pace to sit back and enjoy the nature that surrounds us at home (much less time spent in an airplane this way!).

For week three we decided to explore Beamer falls in Grimsby, Ontario. To drive to this falls you can take the QEW to the Christie St. (RR12) exit in Grimsby. Follow RR12 until you get to Ridge road. Turn right on Ridge Road and follow the top of the escarpment until you see signs for the Beamer conservation area. Don’t get confused at Beamer Manor, continue past the Manor and turn right down a small country road to the parking lot.DSC_0047.JPG

There are a variety of hiking trails at Beamer conservation area. To get to the falls we found it easiest to hike to the base of the man made steps, and then followed the water up to the lower Beamer Falls.

When we visited, the lower falls were very full, but we were able to climb up the rock face. A word of caution, upon our second visit to the lower falls, part of the rock face we had climbed on had collapsed, so be very careful if you decide to climb right up into the falls.


Here is a video we made about our visit to the lower portion of Beamer Falls.


A few months later, we decided to visit Beamer Conservation area again to see if we could catch a glimpse of the upper falls.

The easiest way we found to get to the upper falls was by walking to the roadway (ridge road), and crossing over the car bridge. From the far side of the bridge, near the Boy Scout building you can see the falls and potentially climb down to them. The decent is a bit tricky, so be careful!

Here is a video we had during our visit to the upper Beamer falls.


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