Chasing Waterfalls: The Devil’s Punch Bowl

This summer we decided to explore our own backyard, the beautiful Niagara region. Having seen so much of the world, it was a nice change of pace to sit back and enjoy the nature that surrounds us at home (much less time spent in an airplane this way!).

This week we decided to explore The Devil’s Punch Bowl in Stoney Creek, Hamilton. This waterfall can be accessed from the QEW. Exit the QEW at Centennial Parkway (regional road 20). Follow RR20 until Ridge road, turn left onto Ridge road and follow the curving road until you see the marked parking lot for The Devil’s Punch Bowl.


Devil’s Punch Bowl in Hamilton / Stoney Creek

There is an access trail here for the Bruce Trail, and you can follow the Bruce Trail to the base of the gully, and then follow the water towards the base of the falls.


Devil’s Punch Bowl



A mime in Devil’s Punch Bowl

The Devil’s Punch Bowl is a 37 metre ribbon waterfall. The Cliff face surrounding the waterfalls is the most spectacular site! You can see the colourful layers of sediment all around the horseshoe shaped canyon. When we visited the water was very limited, but pictures would have me believe that this falls can be quite powerful.

We made a video on YouTube for the Devil’s Punch Bowl. I will link it below.

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