Chasing Waterfalls: Swayze Falls

This summer we decided to explore our own backyard, the beautiful Niagara region. Having seen so much of the world, it was a nice change of pace to sit back and enjoy the nature that surrounds us at home (much less time spent in an airplane this way!).

Swayze falls is never the same twice. We’ve visited Swayze falls three times this year, and have seen the falls in it’s full range. Our first visit was magical, the falls were giant and the water volume was perfect.


On our second visit, the falls were barely a trickle. Our second visit was when we filmed the majority of our youtube video, so we decided to come back for a third visit in the early fall and the waterfall was once again full!

Swayze waterfall is located in Short Hills Provincial Park in Niagara. Swayze is a terraced ribbon falls with a drop of 14m. The falls is often dry, unless you visit in spring or after a rainfall. We revisited Swayze three times in order to film and photograph the falls in different stages.

You can access the trail and falls from the QEW in Niagara/ Ridgeville From the QEW exit at Jordan Rd. Continue south on Victoria Ave. Turn left on RR 669 (Eighth Ave.) RR 669 bends left an turns into RR 69 Turn right on Effingham St. Turn left into the parking lot for Short Hills.



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