ISLAMIC Quarter of Cairo (Medieval Egypt 🇪🇬)

Here is a video we made of of time exploring Islamic Cairo Egypt

We woke up for breakfast at 8am then headed to the metro to take the train to the Islamic Quarter of Cairo, starting at Babel Slaaria Station. We then walked to Peurta Bab Al Futuh, the old city gate, alongside Al- Hakem Bi Amrillah Mosque. The tiny alleyways were so full of shops and things to look at. We walked down a street selling metal cookware and industrial kitchen equipment. 

Exploring Cairo Egypt’s Islamic Quarter

After wandering the streets and taking in the sites, we decided to enter The Complex of Sultan Qalawon. The entrance price was 100 EGP, but apparently it included many sites along the street, as well as the mosque, mausoleum and university. 

Exploring Cairo Egypt’s Islamic Quarter

The mausoleum was absolutely gorgeous, with elaborate stained glass and woodwork. 

Exploring Cairo Egypt’s Islamic Quarter, The Complex of Sultan Qalawon

We entered a second section of the complex, (the university) that was apparently a school. We then crossed the road to the other side of the complex, but the guide guy clearly wanted us to pay him to show us around, so we left. The entrance to the complex had a step leading up to it, and on this step there were hieroglyphics. They had clearly repurposed stones from ancient Egyptian temples in the creation of this ancient mosque complex. 

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