A Virtual Tour of Cairo’s EGYPTIAN Museum | Inside the Best Egyptian Museum in the World!

After spending the morning in Coptic Cairo, and visiting the Oldest Mosque in Africa, we decided to head to the Egyptian Museum. We are not usually big museum people, but in doing research about Cairo, it seemed it would be a huge shame to miss this iconic museum. The Egyptian Museum was about a 13 minute walk from our hotel, and very close to the metro. It was about 3:30pm, and the museum closed at 5pm but I think this gave us the perfect amount of time to see almost everything. It cost 200 EGP each to enter, and I was ready to pay the camera fee, but I was told it was free not (I believe to drum up more tourists). Walking in, the museum seemed overwhelming, stuff was everywhere half opened and in crates. I loved every minute of it!! A lot of the tombs we had visited in Luxor, the mummies were here! We saw so much, lots of figurines ( I called them the Egyptian gachapon). Rooms and rooms of coffins and two uncovered mummies (which you are not allowed to photograph for obvious reasons). The details on some of the coffins were insane! I loved the canopic jars (for holding organs).

Just about 10 minutes before close, we spotted the Tutankhamun area and went in. You are not allowed to photograph in this area. Tutankhamun’s death mask I had seen so many times in textbooks since such a young age, it was there behind glass. I was speechless. Because Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered intact, so many of his jewels and details were still there in the tomb, and you can see them all in the Egyptian Museum. I am so glad we didn’t miss this section, as we were the last people out of the Museum.

Cairo’s EGYPTIAN Museum

As we exited the museum, we bought two crests for our backpack (we have a crest from each country we have visited). 

Cairo’s EGYPTIAN Museum

We then walked to a restaurant near our hotel called Eish + Malh. We ordered delicious tomato soup and sandwiches with two delicious iced teas (hibiscus and raspberry). The meal cost about 350 EGP. We then stopped at the Drinkies to grab a beer and a few snacks to take back and enjoy on our balcony. 

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