LARGEST Ancient Religious Site in the World!! (KARNAK TEMPLE, Luxor Egypt)

Here is a video we made of our time at Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt

It was about 47 degrees Celcius by 3pm, and we were walking 45 minutes from our hotel to Karnak Temple, getting hounded the entire way by horse cart drivers, cab drivers, boat drivers and every other type of salesman. 

Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt

When we finally reached Karnak Temple, we were happy for a short reprieve from the sales pitches. The place to buy tickets to Karnak Temple was not very obvious, so we walked all the way to the Temple entrance without purchasing tickets, and had to walk all the way back in the increasing heat, as tour guides tried to sell us tour after tour. 

Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt

The temple was gorgeous and you could find some shade in the old walls. 

Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt

A guard showed Jives a petrified snake in the old walls, and then he asked Jives for a “tip” but Jives didn’t have any of our money, oops. 

Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt

We tried to get to the Avenue of Sphinxes because it connects Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple, but the Avenue was pretty closed. Eventually a guard showed us the way for 5 Egyptian Pounds. By this point it was 3pm and well over 50 degrees Celsius. We walked from shade patch to shade patch, but the shade patches became further apart. I think we bought about 100 huge bottles of water to keep from dying.

The Avenue of Sphinxes connecting Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple in Luxor Egypt

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