First Impressions of LUXOR EGYPT (So many Scams & Luxury Hotel)

Here is a video we made of arriving in Luxor Egypt

We arrived in Luxor at around 8:30 am on the Luxury Overnight train from Cairo (see the previous post about that trip).

Arriving at Luxor station after the overnight train from Cairo

We then walked to our hotel from the train station, which took about half an hour. The touts and taxi drivers in Luxor are intense, and nothing like the ones in Cairo.

Arriving at Luxor Station after the overnight train from Cairo

We arrived at the hotel, but our room wasn’t ready. We had paid for the night before so that we could check in early, but the hotel staff we spoke to at the desk didn’t understand that, even though the staff I had emailed said it would be no problem. We sat in the lobby for an hour as the lady at the desk checked us in, looking confused and calling a lot of people to confer. We were then shown to our room, and it was well worth the wait. There was a balcony overlooking the resort and the Nile River.

View from our room at the Steigenberger Resort Achti in Luxor Egypt

We had showers to clean off all the gross from the train the night before, and our trek through  Garbage City the day before. I had never felt so disgusting before. After resting for a short while, we set out to explore Luxor and Karnak Temple!

Balcony on our room at the Steigenberger Resort Achti in Luxor Egypt


  1. Wanda

    I was on vacation last fall and stayed at this lovely hotel. Great service, clean rooms, and overall treated well. Until the boat driver Arafa Ahmed tried relentlessly to scam me for money. He had hooked me up to (What’s App) as this would be easy to communicate for another boat trip . He was such a sweet talker that he made you wish it was real. I was smart enough not to fall for his scam. Please be careful out there. Other than that Egypt is beautiful and would highly recommend visiting.


    • hollyGS

      I’m really sorry that happened to you. We had a lot of issues with scams, but overall we really enjoyed out time in Egypt, and especially at this hotel!!! The hotel was a lovely retreat after long days of exploring and being hassled


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