Toronto Ontario To Montreal Quebec

Here is a video we made of our journey from Toronto to Montreal

I had worked a full day, arriving home at 5:30pm. We had everything packed and ready to go, so we were able to hit the road around 5:55pm from St.Catharines Ontario. For a Sunday evening, we hit a lot of traffic starting at Stoney Creek, and it didn’t let up until after we had driven all the way through Toronto. This traffic put us about an hour behind. We stopped for gas at about 11pm, after a long 5 hour driving session. Not long after midnight we saw the “Welcome to Quebec” sign, and crossed the border. It would be about an hour drive from the border to Montreal Quebec.

Our Airbnb in Montreal Quebec

We arrived at our airbnb a bit after 1am, but had a bit of difficulty figuring out where to park our car in the alley way out back of the apartment/ furniture shop. We stayed in the Rue Saint-Hubert area near Jean-Talon metro station.

Street art in Montreal Quebec

We found the lock box and got into our airbnb. It took another trip back down the alley to get our bags, before finally being able to relax with a beer and unwind after a crazy long day.

Marché Jean-Talon in Montreal Quebec

It was a rough sleep and I woke up at about 7am. There had been a time change the previous day, so I felt proper jet legged like any good vacation, just minus the jet.

Jean-Talon Metro station in Montreal Station

I made us some instant coffee, and Jives took a few hours to shower and get ready to go. We left the airbnb around 9:30am to walk to Marché Jean-Talon (market). Walking through Little Italy, it took about 15 minutes to get to Marché Jean-Talon. This market is one of the oldest in Montreal. We got coffee and an egg tart and sat in the sun to eat our little breakfast.

Champs-de-Mars Metro station Montreal Quebec

Afterward we walked to Jean-Talon Metro station to get a metro day pass for $10. We toyed with the idea of getting a metro card, but you have to pay $6 non refundable for the card, so it made more sense to get the $10 day pass.

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