Myanmar’s Largest Cathedral, Yangon Myanmar

Here is a video we made at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Yangon Myanmar

We went for breakfast at 8am, before heading to Saint Mary’s Cathedral. Saint Mary’s Cathedral is a gorgeous catholic cathedral nearby to our hotel. The cathedral was designed in 1895 by a Dutch architect who also designed the main train station in Amsterdam. The building was so ornate yet geometric.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Yangon Myanmar

It was 2000 each to get in, but it was worth it. The guard was super friendly and told us all about the building and how tourism was really down due to turmoil and coronavirus.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Yangon Myanmar

We then walked to Bagyoke Aung San Market to get a cool board game Jives had seen earlier in the trip. We also got two paper mache animals for our curiosities cupboard (souvenir cupboard) at home. We walked around a few of the stalls before heading back to Barboon for a delicious coffee. We then walked around the mall and found a Genki Sushi where we went for lunch. Genki Sushi is super sentimental for us because of our first time in Japan together.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Yangon Myanmar

We exchanged some money and headed back our later to see Botataung Pagoda.

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