Night Markets in YANGON MYANMAR

Here is a video we made about Night Markets in Yangon Myanmar

After a long day walking all over Yangon Myanmar, visiting Ngahtatgyi seated Buddha, Paya Chaukhtatgyi the giant reclining Buddha and exploring the Lake at Kandawgyi Park, we stopped briefly back at our hotel to re book our flight home. A few hours later we decided to venture out and explore Yangon Myanmar’s nightlife and see a few of the night markets.

Night Markets in YANGON MYANMAR

First we visited a market on Seik Kan Tha street, it was mostly a wet market, with people selling fish, fruits, meats and much more from baskets and make shift stalls all along the side of the road. We walked along the edge of the stalls, in a narrow line between the ground level baskets of produce and the chaotic traffic whipping by on our other side. The crazy volume of people, traffic and produce made this market totally worth the visit, if only to people watch and attempt to pilot your own senses.

Night Markets in YANGON MYANMAR

Next up we visited a market at the waterfront, just past the colonial district. This market was mostly full of electronics, old phones, cables, computer pieces and running shoes. This market was further way from road traffic, but the volumes of people were just as intense as the wet market.

Night Markets in YANGON MYANMAR

We then wound our way back towards the freedom monument and Maha Bandula Garden street between 34th and 35th street. There were quite a few food stalls set up here with the traditional plastic stools and tarped roofs overhanging the many charcoal barbecue grills. In Yangon, skewered barbecued foods reign supreme. We chose a spot to sit on a plastic stool and had a beer.

Night Markets in YANGON MYANMAR

After having a few beers, we decided to head to Gekko restaurant for dinner again. The Japanese food there was incredible! We would totally recommend this restaurant! On this visit to Gekko we had an awkward experience though. The server accidentally knocked Jives’ glass over, which cut him. He was completely ok, and we didn’t want to make any issue at all, but the server insisted on bringing him a bandaid, free edamame, an apple dessert and a beer to apologize. We felt so awkward, just because the people around us thought we had made a big deal about it. We kept apologizing, as did the server. We left feeling incredibly bashful… BUT again, we would totally recommend this restaurant!

We then returned to our hotel to get some sleep before our last day in Yangon Myanmar.

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