Eternal Golden Palace and Vegetarian Hot Pot in Tainan Taiwan

Here is a video we made about this day in Tainan Taiwan

After exploring the incredibly cool old town of Anping (the Anping Old Fort and the Anping Treehouse), we decided to walk towards a site we didn’t know existed until that day, the Eternal Golden Palace.

Anping Tree House Tainan Taiwan

Along the way we saw the Anping harbour, and visited the large wire whale that resides alongside the boats.

Wire whale along the Anping Harbour in Tainan Taiwan

The Eternal Golden Palace was built in 1874 with the purpose of defending the Taiwanese from the invading Japanese. It is built in a very interesting shape, almost star like. It cost 50 NTD to get in to the Eternal Golden Palace.

The Eternal Golden Palace in Anping, Tainan Taiwan

After visiting the fortification, we decided to walk towards the “old street” in Tainan… only problem was that Google Maps told us that it was in an area that turned out to be and industrial shipping district. We walked for over tow hours looking for the old neighbourhoods of Taiwan that we never actually found.

The Eternal Golden Palace in Anping, Tainan Taiwan

Before wandering back to our Airbnb, we stopped for the most amazing hotpot meal! We feasted on a giant scalding caldron of vegan broth, adding every vegetable imaginable!! The whole meal (and two beers) only cost us 500NTD or about $20 Canadian. The restaurant is called King Cheng Stone Hot Pot and the address is: No. 22, Section 1, Hai’an Road, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700.

The Eternal Golden Palace in Anping, Tainan Taiwan

We are unable to speak any Mandarin outside of please and thankyou, but the staff was so friendly!! The lady that helped us with our hotpot explained everything with gestures and 100 clarity (who says you need language to communicate?).

Not a great photo, but along the walk home we found these water dispensing robot… there is a much better image in the video at the top if you are interested.

We then walked back to our Airbnb to relax and pack up our bags to head to Taipei the following morning.

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