Day Trip To Nara From Osaka JAPAN |Self Guided Walking Tour

Map of Nara JR station and surrounding Self guided walking tour
Here is a video we made about visiting the deer in Nara Japan

I woke up at 6:00am and had a coffee at the kotatsu as everyone else showered and got ready. We left the airbnb around 8:30am to head to Nara. The train to Nara is free with a JR pass, so long as you take the Yamatoji line. We went to Osaka central before transferring to this line. The ride took 50 minutes. (To Book Train Travel in Japan Click Here)

Nara Japan

We arrived at JR Nara Station around 10:00am. The station was very busy, much busier than five years ago.

Deer in Nara Japan

We sat outside the station and had breakfast that we had purchased at the konbini. We then slowly walked towards the city centre, where all the shrines and deer reside.

Kofuku-ji Temple Nara Japan

Firstly we came upon Kofuku-ji Temple, and the layer pagoda.

Kofuku-ji Temple Nara Japan

We then walked into the first section of the park. Gaby bought deer cakes for 150 Yen and fed some deer. One deer lost his horn in a battle, that startled everyone!

Deer in Nara Japan

Next we headed toward Daibutsu-den, the temple with the giant Buddha, but because of the crowds (and because we had visited it before), we opted to head towards Hokke-do Hall, Fudo-do Hall (for the magnolia trees) and Nigatsu-do Hall (with the balcony and beautiful sakura trees).

Hokke-do Hall Nara Japan
Fudo-do Hall Nara Japan
Nigatsu-do Hall Nara Japan

We then decided to find some lunch. We decided on CoCo Curry. I had veggie curry with extra spice!

Nigatsu-do Hall Nara Japan

We then headed back to Osaka (4:30pm) to have a break at the Airbnb before heading out to Sinsekai.

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