Edinburgh to York| Scotland to England by TRAIN (train? bus? car?)

Here is a video we made all about how to get from Edinburgh to York by train.

We left Edinburgh Waverly Station at approximately 9am. The journey took a total of 1.5 hours. We booked our tickets online a few months in advanced directly through the virgin train website. The trip cost us 17 pounds each, which is a bit more expensive than the bus, but the comfort of the train was worth the extra money to us.

The tickets were sent to my phone, and we asked the lady attendant which track to board at. It ended up that the train we were booked on was a Edinburgh to Kings Cross train and that made finding the right boarding spot a bit tricky.

Once on board we found our assigned seats that confirmed that we were to disembark at York Station.

The process was very simple, we are just extra bumble-y.

At the stop before York Station, our train was delayed in order to take on a few hundred extra passengers that had missed or had their train cancelled. Because of this the train became incredibly full (not unlike a Tokyo rush hour train) which was uncomfortable, BUT thankfully our stop was only a few minutes away.

York station is incredibly central, so it was a brief walk from the station to our airbnb in the city centre!!

If you’d like a more step by step guide of the journey, watch the video up at the top of the page!

Train from Edinburgh to York

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