Scott Monument and Dean Village | Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

A video we made about Scott Monument, Calton Hill and Dean Village in Edinburgh Scotland

After our Harry Potter themed adventure, we decided to catch a few more of the “big sites” in Edinburgh, starting with Calton Hill. You can find quite a few interesting sites up on the beautiful vantage point.

On the Left : Dugald Stewart Monument is a memorial to the Scottish philosopher Dugald Stewart
The Nelson Monument is a commemorative tower in honour of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson

The trip up the hill is worth the views alone! The unfinished National monument makes a nice place to take a picnic and soak in the glorious views .

The unfinished National monument of Scotland is the acropolis on the left.

After exploring Calton Hill, we made our way back down the slope, and towards Scott Monument. Scott Monument is a Victorian Gothic monument to the author Sir Walter Scott. The entrance price was 5 pound, but we would definitely say that the views from the top are worth the price!!!

View of Edinburgh Castle from Scott Monument

The climb is an intense 287 steps, and the space is pretty cramped. There is certainly not enough space to pass someone on the steps, so we had to call up the stairwell to make sure that no one was making the descent, before we ascended.

The view from Scott Monument
The top level of scott monument, on a windy day it was pretty scary
The last stairwell to the top is much more spacious! ( Scott Monument Edinburgh)

Our last stop on our Edinburgh adventure was the historic Dean Village. Dean Village means “deep valley” and is located on the Water of Leith. This beautifully picturesque village used to be a grain milling district (because the river currents would drive the mills). The entire area looks like a postcard. You should not miss this incredible (somewhat) hidden gem in Edinburgh!!!

Dean Village at night (Edinburgh Scotland)
Dean Village at night (Edinburgh Scotland)
Also, as an added bonus: WE FOUND THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS!

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