Penang Hill

From Kek Lok Si we decided to walk to Penang Hill, another iconic spot to visit whilst on Penang Island! The walk was super hot, but only took about 30 minutes. Make sure to lather up on the sun screen and carry water! You can also take the bus from KOMTAR to reach Penang Hill (the cost is approx 3RMB).

Walking to Penang Hill from Kek Lok Si
walking to Penang Hill from Kek Lok Si

The easiest way to reach the top of Penang Hill is by funicular railway. The return ticket cost us 30 RM and we were able to purchase them at the station without a reservation. Try to get a seat nearest to the bottom of the train, and you will be rewarded with amazing views! I even saw some monkeys swinging from the trees!!

walking to penang hill funicular from Kek lok Si
funicular up on penang hill

Once at the top, there are many restaurants, shops and ways to spend your money. We investigated the free views from the viewing platform and took a lot of photos.

viewing platform on penang hill
view of penang island from penang hill

There were quit a few places to take your photo with your head through monkey cut-outs and giant people eating plants.

getting eaten by a plant
Penang Hill

There are many hiking trails and places to discover at the top of Penang Hill, but we were so exhausted from exploring Kek Lok Si, so we decided to head back to our hostel. If we had had more time it would have been amazing to see the suspension bridge and more of the monkeys. Lesson learned, it is probably best to make a full day of Penang Hill and not try and see it with Kek Lok Si.


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