Arriving in Kuala Lumpur

a sneak peak of our time in Malaysia
Hanging out in the Incheon Airport

Asia, oh how we love Asia! Nothing compares to having a beer on a plastic stool at the roadside. NOTHING. We were so excited to head back to Malaysia in April 2018! We brought along a special guest, our sister Beth, to show her just how amazing plastic stool beer can be!!

We departed Toronto Pearson Air Port at 12:40pm with a 14 hour and 7 hour flight ahead of us! For Beth, this would be her first flight, and what a way to start! In total we would spend over 24 hours in transit from Toronto to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

A short stopover in Incheon, Seoul before heading to Malaysia

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 4:35pm, and it was a quick wait for customs (as Canadian citizens we are allowed a visa on arrival that is valid for 3 months). We decided to take the airport KLIA express into the city centre. The train fare cost 35RM or approx $11 Canadian, and the journey took about 30 minutes. From KL central we took the metro one stop to Pasar Seni (this is the stop for Chinatown in KL). From this station it was a quick walk to our hostel.

By this time we were exhausted from a long 30 or so hours awake, we checked into our rooms and crashed for a few minutes. Jives and I decided to venture on to the rooftop bar of our Hostel (Mingle Hostel) . https://www.minglehostels.com/minglehostelkualalumpur

Roof top beers at Mingle Hostel in Kuala Lumpur

We always try to stay awake until a decent sleep time in our destination, so in this case we had a few hours to stay awake to be on Kuala Lumpur time. We enjoyed our first beers on the hostel rooftop and retired to our room after to crash hard.

Jives is so tired that he could not keep his eyes open.


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