Athens- The Panatheniac Stadium and the Olympics

A video we made about our day exploring.

The Panatheniac stadium is one of the most iconic sights in Athens Greece. It is entirely made of marble and 100% worth the 5 Euro entrance charge. We visited Athen’s Greece in the winter, so the entrance fee may have been a bit cheaper given that it was off season. He had almost the entire stadium to ourselves!!

The Panathenaic  Stadium, Athens Greece

The ticket price includes entrance to an exhibit of Olympic artifacts. The artifacts include posters and Olympic torches used in the celebration of the Olympic games over the past few centuries.

Jives pretending to be an Olympic athlete

The Panathenaic Stadium is within easy walking distance of other main sights like the Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Plaka. I found that everything we wanted to see in Athens was easy to walk between, and that Athens was very pedestrian friendly.

The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens Greece

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