Chasing Winterfalls : Felker’s Falls


Freezing Felker’s Falls

On Christmas Eve I suddenly found myself with the day off work, and what better way to spend the day then hiking in well below freezing temperatures?


Felker’s Falls



We decided to visit Felker’s Falls in Hamilton, located along the Niagara Escarpment. a 22 metre ribbon waterfall.


Felker’s Falls



You can access Felker’s Falls from both the top and bottom fairly easily.

To see the top: Take the Red Hill Valley Parkway to the Mud street exit. turn left on Paramount Dr.  and then right on Auckland street.

To see the bottom: take the King st. east exit off the Red Hill Valley. Follow King St. and turn right on Quigley rd.  There is a little pathway and gate at the end of Quigley that leads to the base of Felker’s Falls. it took us about ten minutes to hike to the base of the falls.


Winter Felker’s Falls



We made a Christmas waterfall video about Felker’s Falls…..



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