Here is a video we made of our visit to Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali Indonesia

We sat on the rooftop breakfast patio and both ordered the Indonesian breakfast; fried rice with an egg, rice crackers, fruit and a spicy soy sauce to pour on top!

Walking to UBUD Monkey Forest

We then set out on foot for an adventure to the Monkey Forest. The Monkey Forest was about a one hour walk away, but we stopped halfway at our favourite convenience store for a coffee and a break. It cost 100,000 rupiah to get into the monkey forest, so about $9 each. As we approached the area we saw more and more monkeys climbing wires, blocking traffic and grooming one another.

UBUD Monkey Forest

Inside the park there were many paths and trails to explore, as well as temples (which foreigners are not allowed in). There was even a little dragon bridge coming out of a giant tree. Walking along our first pathway, a monkey tried to pull Jives pants down! At one point we were climbing a set of wooden stairs and we were swarmed by so many monkeys. I would say it is definitely worth a visit if you are in Ubud, but I would recommend walking there, as we really enjoyed the easy walk from Ubud to the Forest.

UBUD Monkey Forest

I sat down to film a group of monkeys eating and as I was doing that one of them ran up and sat down right beside me! They were a bit scary. We saw another monkey eating a bottle of hand sanitizer and peeing…. Anyways, we walked around for about 2 hours (the grounds are huge) and then headed back to our hotel. The walk was another hour, and we arrived back at the hotel around 3pm.

UBUD Monkey Forest

We sat on the balcony again (we made great use of our hotel balcony) to regain some energy, and then headed down for a swim around 5pm before the sun set around 6pm. All the chairs at the pool were full, so we sat on the edge overlooking the rice field. Just as we got out of the pool, it began to pour rain! (The rain’s timing on this trip was excellent the entire two weeks we spent in Indonesia!)

UBUD Monkey Forest

We waited for the rain to stop and then set out to find a place to eat dinner. We settled on a place called Warung Pulau Kelapa Indonesian Cuisine. I ordered a Nasi Kuning Komplit; yellow rice, egg, hot thai chilli paste, a second hot paste and many little very sides and mysteries. Jives got a very similar dish but his had tempe and fried spicy tofu. Mine was supposed to be vegetarian, but it had a chicken leg on it, so I gave that to Jives. The food was delicious and sooo spicy and like ACTUALLY spicy. We are so used to the Canadian “spicy” that might as well be mild, so it’s nice to actually have food with some heat for once. We also ordered two bottles of Bintang beer. The meal came to just over 200,000 rupiah or $18 CAD. The setting of the place was quite beautiful with lots of tables scattered in a garden, some

Delicious Indonesia food in Ubud Indonesia

with their own huts and roofs. There were flowers and statues scattered throughout the huge garden area. The restaurant actually specialised in Indonesian cuisine, meaning you could order food that is traditional all over Indonesia, not just in Bali.  

After dinner we walked back to our hotel and went to sleep around 9pm, just as the rain was beginning again. 

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