COPTIC CAIRO | Exploring the tower of Babylon and Christianity in Egypt

We woke up and went to breakfast early, around 6am. Breakfast was pretty simple but free. We had a plain omelette, buns, some white cheese and coffee. The first order of the day was to visit the Coptic Quarter of Cairo. We walked to the Nasser Metro and took the train to Mar Girgis station. The station was right in the heart of Coptic Cairo. The trip cost 5 Egyptian pounds each. We then followed the signs for the Hanging Church, and made our way out of the metro. 

The Tower of Babylon in Coptic Cairo Egypt

First we saw the old tower of Babylon which is a remnant of the Roman times, and was built as a water gate when the Romans connected the Nile to the Red Sea. 

The Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo Egypt

Next we visited Saint Virgin Mary’s Church, otherwise known as the Hanging Church. The church is built up on top of Roman ruins so it “hangs” between the ruined towers, hence the name “Hanging Church”. The architecture was insane! There were so many ornate carvings in the churches. There were places in the church where you could look down and see how the Church was in fact hanging between the Roman towers. We took so many photos and videos.

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