PRIVATE BOAT on the NILE!! Luxor, Egypt

After wandering around the Valley of the Kings for two hours, in the stifling 50 degree heat, we headed back to our hotel to relax and enjoy the pool. We spent the warmest hours of the day swimming in the water, getting out to eat a delicious lunch on the restaurant/hotel terrace. We ordered a Stella (Egyptian beer) and split it. I ordered a delicious Egyptian lentil soup with crunchy croutons and Jives got an Egyptian maezin plater with: hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, and a spicy pepper dip. It came with a huge basket of bread to dip. Everything was incredibly delicious!

Hanging out at the pool at our hotel in Luxor Egypt

We then headed back to the pool, which was hardly cooler than the air but so nice. Later in the evening, near sunset time, we went back to our room to film a livestream of the sunset on the balcony. 

Delicious Egyptian Style meal in Luxor Egypt

We once again headed back to the pool and ordered a beer from the adorable pool attendant. We were pretty much the last people to leave the pool area around 8pm, when we retired to our balcony to sit and drink water and talk about our amazing visit to the Valley of the Kings, as the boats drifted by on the Nile. 

The following morning we woke up pretty early to pack up the rest of our stuff before heading out for one last activity before our flight to Cairo. We had a quick breakfast and then walked to the waterfront to negotiate a Nile River boat for an hour. It ended up costing us 350 Egyptian pounds for an hour on the Nile. We went all the way to Luxor Temple and back. The boat owner made us a delicious hibiscus tea that we sipped as we motored by cranes and rushes. It was really beautiful. I would totally recommend hiring a boat on the Nile if you don’t do the typical Nile River overnight cruise.

Putting out feet in the Nile in Luxor Egypt

After our boat ride we sat along the Nile and put our feet in the water. I had always wanted to put my feet in the Nile, and I finally got to do that!

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