Trying to Buy BEER in Muslim Egypt (Exploring The Back Streets of Giza Egypt)

After exploring the pyramid complex, we headed back to the room to cool down and refuel. Jives had his second of many daily showers. We then decided to venture out to a grocery store to get more water and snacks. We walked to a local grocery store nearby and grabbed some snacks to eat. It was interesting getting away from the most touristy area of Giza. 

We had a snack lunch on our balcony and filmed the sunset over the pyramids in the distance.

Afterwards, we set out on a second walking adventure, but this time in search of beer. Egypt is a Muslim country and it can be very difficult to purchase alcohol here, so we did some research and found a place that we could walk to to purchase beer. 

We walked down a central garden-like boulevard to find an alcohol shop called Stella (named for the local Egyptian beer). The shop was DEEP in a residential area. I was a bit scared at the unknown nature of the area, but it turned out lovely. We saw local families flying kites and everyone was so friendly.

The alcohol shop was a small shop with an ordering window on the front. We bought four bottles of Stella (Egyptian Stella of no relation to the Stella Artois) and it cost 120 Egyptian pounds or about $8 Canadian, but the beers were HUGE!

We walked back to our hotel, stopping to buy more water at the market we had visited earlier. 

Night time in Giza is so nice and cool and you can blend in much better as a local in the dark. 

We finished the night on the balcony with our beers, watching the lights on the pyramids and the sand blowing in the distance.

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