Yangon Myanmar to Hong Kong (Our Flight Was Cancelled!)

February 19th 2020 was our bonus day… our flight home was cancelled and we were able to book it for a day later, so we had a bonus day!! We woke up and had breakfast at 8am. We then headed out to explore more of Yangon before leaving for our airport hotel. We walked around the area near the independence monument and Sule Pagoda. Jives filmed a few rap takes in the park. We headed back to our hotel room at 11ish and checked out at 12. I booked an airport hotel in hopes that we could get some sleep before our 1:35am flight to Hong Kong.

Yangon Myanmar

Our hotel called a cab for us, and we headed to the hotel near the airport. We had no trouble checking in, and arranged for a lift to the airport around 10pm. We then headed to the pool for a final swim of the trip. The hotel was actually really lovely, considering it was only a few minutes from the airport and very cheap (about $24 for our stay and ride to the airport). We swam in the pool for about an hour and then headed to the hotel restaurant for a delicious last meal and beer before attempting to get a few hours of sleep. Miraculously we were able to get quite a bit of sleep in the heat of the day, and woke up in the evening to shower and head to the airport.

Hong Kong in February 2020

The flight to Hong Kong was uneventful, unlike the flight to Yangon where our flight had been quarantined and detained for more than a hour. We landed in Hong Kong and proceeded through customs again, this time there were even less people there. We were almost the only people in the entire airport, and the only people entering Hong Kong in customs. Just to emphasize this again, this trip was in LATE February 2020, around the time that the cruise ships were discovering all the Coronavirus cases, but nothing had really shut down, except Wuhan. Hong Kong had had about 7 cases, and people were rightfully scared. We had a 18 hour layover in Hong Kong, so we wore our masks and tried our best to keep safe during this time.

Beautiful Colonial Hong Kong

We took the train into the city centre, arriving at Hong Kong Central station. From here we walked up the hills of Hong Kong island with the hopes of taking the Victoria Peak Tram to Victoria Peak.

To Be Continued…

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