The Buddha With The Changing Face || Ananda Temple Bagan Myanmar

Here is a video we made of our visited to Ananda Temple in Bagan Myanmar

We spent the morning walking to temples within close vicinity of our hotel, first starting at Gaw-daw-palin before visiting Shwe-gu-gyi and That-byin-nyu. We were able to climb to the top of That-byin-nyu temple, which is apparently very popular with tourists at sunrise and sunset.

Walking around Bagan Myanmar

Next up we walked to one of the most popular temples in Bagan, Ananda Temple. Here we were required to finally pay the 25,000 kyat entrance fee for Bagan or archeological zone fee.

Walking around Bagan Myanmar

This temple was really amazing, and I can see why it is one of the most popular in Bagan. It is busy here, but totally worth the crowds. When you enter from the main entrance the standing golden statue of Buddha seems to great you with a smile, but as you walk closer to the statue, the expression becomes more serious.

Ananda Temple in Bagan Myanmar changing face buddha

We wandered around the circular hallways of the temple, looking in all the small openings in the walls, each housing a Buddha sculpture made of volcanic rock. Again, I cannot recommend this temple enough!!!

cavernous hallways of Ananda temple Bagan Myanmar

We then headed back to our favourite vegetarian restaurant for lunch. I had a spicy potato dish and Jives had a spicy veggie dish. We then walked back to our hotel to swim and cool down.

puppets hang in Bagan Myanmar

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