The Best Sunrise of My Life || Bagan Myanmar

Here is a video we made about the sunrise over Bagan Myanmar

sunrise over Bagan Myanmar

We woke up at 5am to catch the sunrise over Bagan Myanmar, and set off on foot to try and find the ideal looking roof top we had seen on our adventures the day before. We ended up at a different roof, but it was equally spectacular!

sunrise over Bagan Myanmar

Seeing that first balloon rise over the city , golden on the horizon, was pretty spectacular. The sunrise was beautifully orange and glowing. It was a pretty memorable Valentine’s Day. We then walked back to our hotel for Breakfast.

sunrise over Bagan Myanmar

Along the walk back we found the rooftop we had been looking for at sunrise, but it was full of people. We were pretty lucky to have had our spot completely to ourselves.

Sunrise over Bagan Myanmar
Sunrise over Bagan Myanmar

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