Roadside Pub Life in Mandalay Myanmar

Here is a video we made on our last night in Mandalay Myanmar

After the long day trip by tuk tuk to Mingun and back, we cooled down in our hotel’s pool, before heading out to find a roadside pub to have our last meal in Mandalay Myanmar. We walked about 10 minutes to a place that fit exactly what we were looking for! For some reason, we are obsessed with roadside eateries in Asia. There is something about sitting on a bench or stool, sipping a beer whilst traffic zips by you, often dangerously close to you. We seek out this type of eatery in every Asian city we go to!

“The Headquarters” roadside pub life in Mandalay Myanmar

The place we settled on was called ” The Headquarters”. We ordered some fried veggies, spicy sausage (for Jives), an amazing fried eel dish with cilantro, peppers, garlic and a tangy pickled vinegar sauce. It was the best food we had had in Myanmar thus far!

The Headquarters” roadside pub life in Mandalay Myanmar

The setting was so nice, we sat there quite awhile and had many beers. We then headed back to our hotel for an early end to the night, because we had a pretty early rise to look forward to the next day (4am to take a boat down the Irrawaddy river to Bagan).

Beautiful sunrise over the Irrawaddy River in Mandalay Myanmar River Cruise


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