🇲🇲 Kyauktawgyi Pagoda Mandalay Myanmar

After climbing all 1700 + steps back down Mandalay Hill, we stopped at a place for lunch. I had a vegetable and noodle soup, and Jives had a rice, egg and peanut dish.

Kyauktawgyi pagoda Mandalay Myanmar

After a brief rest, we visited Kyauktawgyi pagoda, located very close to the base of Mandalay Hill. This pagoda had four quadrants, each a different colour theme and each with a giant gong! The statues and plants were gorgeous.

Kyauktawgyi pagoda Mandalay Myanmar

At the heart of the temple there is a pavillion that houses a giant Buddha, carved entirely our of one piece of green marble. It took 12,000 men 13 days to move this Buddha 19km to it’s final location at Kyauktawgyi Pagoda.

Kyauktawgyi pagoda Mandalay Myanmar

We then walked back to our hotel, stopping at a beer hall along the way for a much deserved draft Myanmar beer (1700 stairs can make you thirsty).

Beer Hall Mandalay Myanmar

We then returned to our hotel, and decided to go for a dip in the roof top infinity pool to cool down. The pool was COLD, but refreshing, and exactly what we needed!

Roof top infinity pool Mandalay Myanmar

The view from the pool, of Mandalay city, was incredible. You could see Mandalay Hill, which we had just climbed.

Roof top infinity pool Mandalay Myanmar

We stayed on the roof top for a final beer, and to watch the sun set over Mandalay… all the while serenaded by the barking of the Myanmar doggies below.

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